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Gorgeous lustrous Faceted Opalite Moonstones suspended between your choice of Sterling Silver or 14KGF hammered components. Very light and a great neutral color for everyday wear. Fantastic earrings for bridal parties and gift giving.


  • 1.5 inches in Length
  • All Metals (Pierced Only): 14KGF or Sterling Silver
  • ALSO AVAILABLE IN CLIP ON - Electroplated/Stainless Steel Metals
  • Stock Item: Ships in 2-5 days
  •  Original CT Design Stock Item: Ships in 2-5 days

Beautiful multicolored designer chain featuring lovely large natural pearl drops at its end. These earrings are fully customizable in both length and color. All primary colors for chain portion are available: Blue, Purple, Red. Clear White  Yellow and Green.

Ear wire: Your choice 14KGF/14KG

Length: Default Slightly over 1 inch.

These are CT originals and ship within 2 to 4 days

Send message to for customized length and colors.




Small Crystal Cluster Earrings, huggie crystal earrings

Exquisite small Crystal Cluster huggie style Chandelier earrings featuring 7 (each side) dancing channel crystals. These are crystals that sway subtly and elegantly when you move.

The 18KG-electroplated design is both refined and elegant, non tarnishing, and an essential addition to any jewelry box.

These timeless beauties are perfect for casual and or special occasion including weddings, Proms, Galas and Cocktail outings. They are stunning.


Earring width is 1.0" approx 2.54 -3.3cm (small/medium sized and lightweight) with AAA Cubic Zirconium. These earrings are very Light in weight and arrive in a beautiful gift box placed inside a beautiful decorative organza bag.

Selectively Procured Stock Item: Ships within 3-5 Days


AAA Blue Flash Faceted Labradorite on 14KGF ear wire, simple, elegant, perfect.

About the Stone:
The Labradorite crystal properties remind us to keep it magical by linking us to the spirit world, a dimension where anything is possible. Other stones keep us anchored to the earth with their powerful grounding effects while Labradorite encourages us to keep our head in the clouds. Your Labradorite crystal stone inspires you to reach for the stars in your quest for a higher consciousness. It bridges the gap between the heavens and physical reality so that your dreams and aspirations don’t seem out of reach. In this way, a Labradorite crystal is one of the most powerful stones that can support your intentions by encouraging you to go after what you truly want without placing any limits on what you can achieve.

Details: Hand cut and Polished

  • Length: total drop from lobe 1 1/4inch
  • Light weight
  • Natural Labradorite stones
  • 14KGF Ear wire

Limited Edition  - 3 only: Ships in 2-4 days



Dainty Minimalist Pear Shape Rainbow Quartz Stone earrings

Also Available in Clip On (Clip on finishing is plated)

A sweet and simple pear shaped faceted angel aura/ rainbow quartz stone that has an approx 1 1/4” drop suspended from your choice of Sterling Silver or 14KGF ear wire. These beautiful Quartz drops really catch the light with sparkle & gorgeous shimmer with every turn. Perfect for everyday wear, a special event , bridal party wear/gifts, or just when you want to have a bit of ear flash! Enjoy!!

Stone Lore: Rainbow Aura Quartz is said to help release karmic ties you’ve had with others. It creates peace and harmony in relationships. It activates all the energy centers in the body, clearing a path for the life force to manifest multidimensionally, bringing in vibrant energy. It is thought to be beneficial for multidimensional healing.

Length: 1 1/4 inches full drop

A CT Original Design: Ships in 3-5 days


Long Beaded labradorite teardrop Stone Earrings

Beautiful faceted natural Labradorite stones punctuate the bottom of a Labradorite clustered 14KGF Chain and ear wire. Lovely flash to these beads! Very elegant and lightweight neutral earrings. Great for everyday wear.

Length is customizable: Default Length in photo is 1 3/4 inches

A CT Original Limited Edition Item: Ships within 3-7 days


These are real stunners! A gorgeous Vibrant Blue color with hints of Green that shimmer as they sway. These earrings are made from genuine Murano glass beads and faux drusy geode, making them light in weight and easy to wear.

 14KGF Ear wire

Ships within 1 to 3 days


Gold Filigree Design Earrings

This amazing and unique pair of earrings is a limited edition item that is a must-have for your wardrobe!! They are perfect for casual, office and/or day into evening wear. Their geometric design consists of Stainless Steel and 14K Gold Filled hammered components, and they are very light in weight! A true multi purpose/wear earring, great for traveling!

2 Choices Select on checkout: short and longer version.

Limited Edition CT Original Design: Ships within 2-4 days


Circle Shape Lapis Lazuli Earrings

Natural Highest Quality AAA Grade Lapis Lazuli Matte Stone Earrings. Beautiful thick cuts of Lapis Lazuli stone accented with 14KGF earwire and Gold accent bead. Great everyday neutral earring.

About the Stone: In ancient times Lapis Lazuli was most highly regarded because of its beautiful color and the valuable ultramarine dye derived from it. Its name comes from the Latin lapis, "stone," and the Persian lazhuward, "blue." It is rock formed by multiple minerals, mostly Lazurite, Sodalite, Calcite and Pyrite, and is a rich medium to royal blue with gold flecks (pyrites). Lapis Lazuli was among the most highly prized tribute paid to Egypt, obtained from the oldest mines in the world, worked from around 4000 B.C. and still in use today. Referenced in the Old Testament as sapphire (unknown in that part of the ancient world), Lapis Lazuli is most likely the fifth stone in the original breastplate of the High Priest, as well as those of later time.

Limited Edition. Only 2 Made

Handmade and cut Original CT design: Ships in 3-5 days


Natural Rubies  and 14KGF Earrings

Beautiful Natural raw faceted Rubies adorn an ornate Gold chain. 14KGF wire/chain

" Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies."

Proverbs 31:10

These also make a great birthday gift for those born under the Cancer/July month

These are a CT Original Design

  • 14KGF Chain
  • 14KGF Ear Wire
  • Natural faceted Cut Rubies
These beauties Ship within 3- 5 days


Opalite Stone Earrings

Sometimes a stone speaks for itself...this one says keep it simple...

Full Length: 1 1/4 Inches

A CT original Design: Ships within 1-3 days

Beautiful translucent milky- white 1 inch faceted shape teardrop Opalite stones are wire wrapped onto 14KGF OR Sterling Silver ear wire. Very sturdy and very beautiful, these earrings are quite iridescent and glow in sun, moon, and evening light! They are perfect for both casual and evening wear, perfect for travel and day into night accessorizing. These are what i grab when going for mini-cations and on the go weekend get aways. They match anything you wear and are "all occasion".

Opalite is said to be subtle yet highly energetic and ideal for meditation. Opalite improves communication on all levels, especially the spiritual. It removes energy blockages of the chakras and meridians. Emotionally, Opalite helps by assisting during transitions of all kinds. It engenders persistence and gives us strength in verbalizing our hidden feelings. It can also help us to be successful in business.


Beautiful Graceful Arabesque Persian styled Earrings


Arabesque is an ornament or style that employs flower, foliage, or fruit and sometimes animal and figural outlines to produce an intricate pattern of interlaced lines. In this case an elaborate and intricate pattern was created using metal alloy and 14KGF ear wire. 


~Various colors available - Silver, Gold, Black, Rose Gold

~Length: 2"inches

~Weight: Very light weighing less than 2 ounces.

~Metal: 14KG Filled Ear wire, Non tarnishing led and nickel free Alloy body

Selectively Procured Stock Item

SHIPPING: Ships within 1-3 Days 

These earrings come in a beautiful organza bag and gift box and are ready for gift giving. You will receive the exact item in this listing. Orders over $200 are instantly upgraded to Priority shipping (US only) with tracking and insurance. Please send me a convo with any questions or special requests. Thanks!
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