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"Tiny Dancer" Hematite and Crystal Earrings

A Graceful Ballerina forever encased in sparkling Hematite stones and CZ Crystal. These earrings feature 14KGF Ear wire.

Ships in 3 to 5 days


Aqua Terra Jasper Oval Shape Earrings

The Jasper family of stones comes with a lot of titles – supreme nurturer, stone of courage, stone of wisdom – and no matter what type you favor or choose, these qualities are present in all of them. It unifies all aspects of your life. It is a grounding stone that promotes stability and balance. It absorbs negative energy and balances the vibrations and emotional energies of the body and is very nurturing.

This lovely 1.5" inch Earring pair features beautiful AB Taupe Swarovski Crystals, 14KGF components and of course Natural Jasper!

An Original CT Item: Ships in 3-5 days


Beautiful Graceful Arabesque Persian styled Earrings


Arabesque is an ornament or style that employs flower, foliage, or fruit and sometimes animal and figural outlines to produce an intricate pattern of interlaced lines. In this case an elaborate and intricate pattern was created using metal alloy and 14KGF ear wire. 


~Various colors available - Silver, Gold, Black, Rose Gold

~Length: 2"inches

~Weight: Very light weighing less than 2 ounces.

~Metal: 14KG Filled Ear wire, Non tarnishing led and nickel free Alloy body

Selectively Procured Stock Item

SHIPPING: Ships within 1-3 Days 

These earrings come in a beautiful organza bag and gift box and are ready for gift giving. You will receive the exact item in this listing. Orders over $200 are instantly upgraded to Priority shipping (US only) with tracking and insurance. Please send me a convo with any questions or special requests. Thanks!

Blue Cats Eye Fiber Optic Earrings

Cat's Eye is said to stimulate intuition and to enhance awareness. It represents grounding that provides a very effective protective energy. It amplifies good luck and fortune and brings happiness and serenity. It also represents creativity and kindness.

These stunning night and daytime iridescent blue fiber optic pieces are accented with Silver corrugated beads and Swarovski crystal on Sterling Silver Ear wire.

These are little, light in weight, but pack a punch!

A CT Original design: These beauties ship out in 2-3 days


Rectangular shaped Opalite Earrings

These earrings feature large faceted cuts of Milky White Clear Opalite on your choice of Sterling Silver or 14KGF Lever back ear wire.

The Stones measure 1.5 inches L x1 inch W.

These are original CT Design Items and ship within 3-5 days



Circle Shape Lapis Lazuli Earrings

Natural Highest Quality AAA Grade Lapis Lazuli Matte Stone Earrings. Beautiful thick cuts of Lapis Lazuli stone accented with 14KGF earwire and Gold accent bead. Great everyday neutral earring.

About the Stone: In ancient times Lapis Lazuli was most highly regarded because of its beautiful color and the valuable ultramarine dye derived from it. Its name comes from the Latin lapis, "stone," and the Persian lazhuward, "blue." It is rock formed by multiple minerals, mostly Lazurite, Sodalite, Calcite and Pyrite, and is a rich medium to royal blue with gold flecks (pyrites). Lapis Lazuli was among the most highly prized tribute paid to Egypt, obtained from the oldest mines in the world, worked from around 4000 B.C. and still in use today. Referenced in the Old Testament as sapphire (unknown in that part of the ancient world), Lapis Lazuli is most likely the fifth stone in the original breastplate of the High Priest, as well as those of later time.

Limited Edition. Only 2 Made

Handmade and cut Original CT design: Ships in 3-5 days


Beautiful multicolored designer chain featuring lovely large natural pearl drops at its end. These earrings are fully customizable in both length and color. All primary colors for chain portion are available: Blue, Purple, Red. Clear White  Yellow and Green.

Ear wire: Your choice 14KGF/14KG

Length: Default Slightly over 1 inch.

These are CT originals and ship within 2 to 4 days

Send message to for customized length and colors.




Long Chain drop Pearl Earrings

Make a statement wearing these lovely large faux pearl earrings! Walk into the room and let these pearl earrings Sway to your inner music!!

These gorgeous oversized faux pearl chain earrings are perfect for an elegant look or special occasion. They are also the perfect gift for Mothers of the Bride or Groom, The Bride or Brides Maids and Wedding Parties. Inquire for special price break on 4 or more pairs! These can be customized to what ever length you prefer.. just mention in comments.


Length: Full length from lobe is 1.5 inches

Material: large lustrous Faux Pearl /14KGF Earwire

Restocking is Available: Ships within 3-5 days, larger quantities ordered can take up to 3-4 weeks.


Japanese Fan Earrings

Beautiful Mother of pearl accented Pink and Gold Geisha Fan accented with natural pearl and crystals. Perfect Spring and Summer, for brunch, Tea parties, Tea Ceremony and Kimono Wear.

14KGF Ear wire

Length: 3 1/4 inches
Genuine/Natural Pearls
Mother of Pearl/Shell Floral Motifs

CTs Original Stock Item: Ships within 3-5 days

Historically, Japanese hand fans were tools of aristocrats and the samurai class. They were a way to signify social standing, and even communicate messages. The earliest recorded sighting of the Japanese fan was in the 6th century CE, where burial tombs were adorned with pictures of fans.

In the Chinese official historical record of the Song Dynasty (960–1279) it is written that the Japanese monk Chonen gifted folding fans to the emperor of China in 988, which makes the Japanese folding fan an original invention, at a time where most technological learning was going the other way. The popularity of the Japanese fan also reached into Korea: in the 11th century, Korean envoys to the Chinese court brought with them folding fans that were made in the Japanese style.

Back home in Japan, during the Heian period, these fans became such a hit that laws were created to restrict their use to particular social classes. Typically crafted from Japanese cypress (known as hinoki) and thread, the number of strips of wood on each fan was meant to reflect the rank and status of its owner.

By the 15th century, Japanese hand fans were so widely revered that Japan began exporting them abroad, including to China, from where they made their way onto the silk road trade route. By the 18th and 19th century, these fans had even become a desirable fashion accessory for well-to-do European women. The late 19th-century piece above, from the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, is one such fan which was designed specifically for export to Europe.

These beautiful Earrings will arrive in a beautiful giftbox enclosed in an Gold Organza Gift Bag via USPS.


These simple elegant crystal earrings are a versatile option that can be worn casually or formally, complimenting any outfit regardless of the occasion. They make for a great travel choice and are a classic that will never go out of style!  Available in a wide range of colors, the faceted surface refracts the light resulting in a wonderful sparkle that garners attention as it turns heads. Also, their transparency interacts playfully with different shades of light, resulting in different hues of their color.

These flashy quartz crystal ball earrings are constructed with a high-quality hinged back closure, plated with 18k gold for a luxurious appearance. Weighing only 1.18oz, they are quite lightweight and can be worn all day long without any discomfort.

At this time all Gold Finish Colors, and Silver Clear ship within 1 - 3 Days, the other colors can take up to 3 weeks. Feel free to Inquire about dates and rush shipping.

Selectively Procured Stock Item


Thick Faceted cut AB Crystal

Beautiful thick AB ( Aurora Borealis) crystal on your choice of 14KGF or Sterling Silver Ear wire. The faceting displays a beautiful Floral type pattern which really adds sparkle and shine to these beauties!

Ships within 2 to 3 days

A CT Original Item


Dark Ruby Red Garnet Hoop Earrings

The name garnet derives from the Latin word for grain due to the similarity between their rounded crystals and a pomegranate's seeds. Garnet is the official birthstone for January and signifies protection, friendship, trust, commitment, and love. Garnet is also said to keep the wearer safe during travel.

Details: Beautiful 3mm Ruby Red Garnet stones wrapped around 14 K Gold Filled wire. Simple, elegant, light weight, and great for all occasions!

Ships within 1-4 days in a beautiful gift box and packaging.

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