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Sodalite Stone and Blue Crystal Pendant Necklace, Blue & White Stone Necklace

One of A Kind Sodalite Stone Necklace

Unique CRR Original design using Crystal seed beads and Swarovski Crystals to accent fabulous hand cut and polished Sodalite Pendant and matching oval shaped stones. A truly unique design that flows from casual to business attire. Wears just as well with Jeans as it does with a dress!

Lore: Sodalite is said to connect you to your truest self and opens you up to listen to your intuition. Sodalite Resonates best with the third eye chakra, but can also connect will with your throat chakra. Connection with either one lets you see and speak to yourself with honesty and confidence.

-Sodalite stones
-Sterling silver clasp /findings
-Swarovski Crystal

Ships in 2-5 days

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