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Chunky Raw Galena Pendant/Necklace


Stone:  Capricorn

Lore: Galena is one of the strongest grounding stones recommended to anyone who's constantly working towards their goals. Our root chakra becomes open and activated when working with Galena, allowing us to fully ground ourselves down to the earth. Physically, this stone is very dense and heavy, which mimics the vibrations Galena radiates. The energy one feels when working with this stone is very powerful and helps to recharge your internal “battery”. It provides the much needed energy to get long and challenging tasks done. We suggest placing this stone in any workplace, office, meditation or exercise room. Galena will fill the environment with positive energy that can push one into action.

Facts: Galena is an important mineral that is commonly found in the United States. It is located among the tri-state area in southern Missouri, northeastern Oklahoma, and southeastern Kansas. Approximately 90% of the United State’s lead supply each year comes out of this very important region. Two former mining towns in Illinois and Kansas thrived on this mineral so much that they renamed their towns after it!

It's very common for other minerals to grow in association with Galena. Some of these minerals are Silver, Copper , Quartz, Pyrite, Sphalerite, Fluorite, Calcite, and Chalcopyrite. These combination stones can range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars because they are unique and aesthetically pleasing.

This piece ships within 2 to 4 days -

Grey and Silver in color and Very Very Shiny!!!!

Measures aprrox: 2 x1.5 inches

Your choice of chain or cord on check out.

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