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This white quartz geode slice is filled with sparkling calcite and white crystals and a shock of deep carmel and comes straight from Morocco. Geode Rocks contain a hollow cavity lined with crystals, and when you cut them get pieces like this.

This  stone is said to connect to the crown chakra  and has many spiritual and healing properties. It is an excellent stone for meditation, yoga and mind or body relaxation: it can help reach spiritual awareness, balance energies, clear your mind and relax the spirit. Large white quartz geodes are used to cleanse a room of negative energy and purify the environment. 

This beautiful geode piece was finished using a Cold Forge Wire Wrapping technique. Truly beautiful and always unique!

Measures 1 3/4L x 1 W inches

Material: Quartz Geode, Pure Copper

One Of A Kind/Unique Item -

Ships within 1 to 3 days securely packaged.

Unisex Item

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