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Small Rectangular Ruby in Zoisite Natural Stone Pendant Necklace.

Since Ruby in Zoisite consists of two different stones - zoisite and ruby - some claim it has a diverse array of benefits and healing powers. Rubies are often associated with strength, determination, and the removal of anxiety or other negative emotions. Zoisite, meanwhile, is considered to be a stone of calming, rebirth, and renewal. Some believe that ruby in Zoisite can help people going through the mourning process. The stone is associated with several chakras: Crown, Third Eye, Heart, and Root.

This is a gorgeous cabachon featuring intense  hues of Ruby, Green and Black inflections.  Wrapped in copper to hilight these jewel tones, it is  a truly beautiful piece!

measurements: 2 L x 3/4W inches, includes bail.

Ships within 2 to 4 days, securely packaged

A unique CT One of A Kind piece

Unisex item


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