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Amazonite Natural Stone Wrap Bracelet

Natural Amazonite Stone Wrap Bracelet

Spiritual healing is ideal for those times when you want to channel your spiritual awareness to expand your consciousness. Amazonite has always been prized for its beauty and healing power. This pale green mineral rock is believed to date back as far as the 10th century BC. Amazonite is also known as the "Amazon stone," because it was thought to have been discovered at the Amazon River Basin in Brazil. These bracelets are made in mind to enhance spirituality to help you reach a higher consciousness. The various stones and crystals provide a strong connection to the Divine Feminine. It is my hope that they encourage a more compassionate and tolerant state of mind as well as a sense of inner peace and love.

  • Handmade Selectively Procured item
  • Bracelet length: 19.7 Inches + 3 closures for adjustability
  • Materials: Genuine Amazonite and various crystal beads, alloy and Leather
  • Adjustable



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