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Large Chalcedony Rose Pendant, Natural stone Druzy Wire Wrap Necklace, Drusy Jewelry


Lovely Piece of Chalcedony covered with shimmering Drusy wrapped in Sterling Silver. A truly gorgeounique piece! piecce!

Lore: Chalcedony Rose is widely used in the healing process. It is used in making the better energy of the voice. It can be used to harness the strength to use it to express yourself in the form of sound. Chalcedony Rose is also considered an excellent stone in reshaping your behaviour concerning others. You will be able to understand the nuances while handling people. It will help you get out of a complicated situation by making you communicate your beliefs, ideas, and feelings to direct correctly and will be ready to buy it. When you have Chalcedony Rose with you, you can keep all your emotions and physical strength in a balanced manner. 

Fact: Chalcedony Rose comes from all parts of the globe. However, the most abundant source is Brazil. The regions are famous for the production of a high-quality variety of the stone. It is found everywhere across the United States; The other countries include India, Uruguay, Myanmar, Madagascar, Mexico and South-western part of Africa. 

Measures: 2 1/2 x 1.5 W inches

Handmade - Cold forge Wire Wrap

Materials: Chalcedony, Sterling Silver

Ships within 3-5 days, Securely Packaged and ready for gifting.

A CT Original Unique-One Of A Kind

Unisex Item

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