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Pink Geode 14KGF Necklace

Beautiful slices of hot Pink / Fuchsia Geodes placed upon 14KGF Chain create this unique very limited edition piece. Each piece (geode) has been hand selected and no 2 will be alike!

This is a limited Edition Item and you will receive the exact piece shown.

About Pink Geodes:
Iron will give crystals a red or purple color, titanium will create blue, nickel or chromium leads to green, and manganese produces pink crystals. The natural color of these slices has been enhanced to bring out vibrant pink color not naturally found. These irregularly shaped beauties each unique on its own, are selectively placed on a 14KGF chain.

A "StonedInVegas" Exclusive, ships within 1 to 3 days in beautiful secure gift packaging.

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